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. you're at indiana state prison. your eprd, the expected release date, is 2-23-2042. this is the book for here, the offender handbook. this tells you all your different services. what you can expect to provide. need you to sign off on that. all right. notification of next of kin. this is what you need to do. just god hopes that nothing bad happens to you, but we need to know who to call and all that. all right. this is a big one. i don't mean any disrespect to you, but you're a young kid. people might try to take advantage of you here. this is the sexual assault prevention and reporting. >> we had this at rdc, too. >> okay. well, it gets a little more serious here. rdc, there's people there watching you. you get up in "c" cell house around here, and we might really have a problem. nothing personal, you are young, and you look younger than you are. so, people will tend to take advantage of you. we'll try to keep you as safe as we can, but most of it is going to be put on you. you've got to take control of it. all right? >> i've heard about that while i was in the county. i mean -- >> a
in india, versus getting your question answered by someone in indiana which might take one call to get answered, that neutralizes the overall costs because of the difference in the wage rates. we're encouraging the administration to consider how to incense u.them to bring thos jobs back. >> are they good jobs? >> terrific jobs. our business that grown 80% in the last the two years since when he the good fortune of participating in the jobs forum. we found families want to stay in local communities. people want to have the flexibility to be able to work from their home, or be able to work when they have the opportunity to, working around their family's schedules. >> this is an at-home call center? people working at home? >> absolutely. a young child or sick parents, they need flexibility. what this opportunity offers them is the ability to construct thiv other work schedules and work how offer and when they choose and choose the different companies they provide service for. so we have folks that will work 80 or 90 hours a week and can earn in the high $80,000 a year. it's very lucrative
cuyahoga creek as gotten worse. >> if indiana has to build a new bridge, where will the money come from? >> obviously, you can see from sky 11 the emergency workers are doing what they can after this collapse directly into the mississippi. >> clearly, we have significant, multi-trillion dollar issues when it comes to our infrastructure, matters of dire national importance, national security, national pride, and most importantly, national safety. meanwhile, we have millions of out of work americans and piles of soldiers we would all love to bring home from war. wouldn't it be nice to match the unemployed and returning soldiers to american infrastructure to solve a problem? isn't that what a job really is at the end of the day? and joining us now is barry lapatner, new york-based real estate lawyer, and a leader in the infrastructure construction business. most importantly, for our purposes today, he has authored a book, it's entitled "too big to fall: america's failing infrastructure and the way forward," and you basically argue, if you thought too big to fail was a risk, wait until you
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)